Jam Cook Iphone App: Check Your Pantry and Discover Awesome Recipes!

How many frustrating moments have I had while staying in the pantry? There were moments when I was sure I had a bottle of the ingredient that I needed to use for the dish I was preparing but there's none. There were also moments when I finally gather my courage and put my pantry shelves in order to keep track of what I have because they tend to get lost inside the cupboards. Once, I even made a handwritten list of what I had in there. It was a marvelous job! I had to give myself a big pat on the back for the huge work I did. Fast forward? It didn't happen again and the list was never updated. That sad piece of paper is still hanging on my magnetic board in the pantry just collecting dust but still reminding me everyday that hey, I need to systemize my stuff in the pantry.

I found out that there's a way to make things easier for me to handle the contents of my pantry with just some simple clicks in my iPhone. It's quite a relief from having to write down every single thing that I have and what I need in a piece of paper. I keep on forgetting that we can actually do everything with our phones now. So let me tell you about this iPhone/iPad/iPod (android version will be coming out soon) app. 

In Jam Cook, you can also find a lot of my recipes so if you find my recipes interesting, use Jam Cook app to help you in sorting through the ingredients that are already in your pantry and what you still need to buy.  

Jam Cook is a recipe app that gives you amazing dishes to choose from based on the ingredients that you have in your pantry. It can also keep track of the other ingredients that you need when you are in the market, in short, a "to buy" list.

The ingredient list is categorized by kind. All you have to do is check the ones that you have in your pantry. Then to personalize your list more, click on what kind of household you have, if you are single, student, part of a couple or family. That way, the app can choose better recipes for your needs and your ingredients.

The app searches the vast database of recipes which matches the ingredients that you have. You can filter them by category and by how much time it needs in cooking and preparing. Then it shows you the Smart Ingredient List which is actually "I Have", the ingredients you have in the pantry and "I Need", which are the ones that you can add to your shopping list to complete the ingredients in making that recipe.

When you have completed your ingredients for the recipe that you earmarked, then you are ready to make it. Some of the recipes come with step-by-step photos to make cooking easier for you. That done, you can have an amazing dish in no time.

Jam Cook is available in two versions. The Free Version and the Premium Version which costs $2.99. Try out the free version and maneuver your way around the ingredients and recipes available then if you want more recipes to choose from, go for the Premium. The app also comes in a variety of languages, namely: English, Czech, Dutch, German, Italian, Japanese, French, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Spanish, Swedish, and Turkish. It requires iOS 4.3 or later and is compatible with iPad, iPod Touch and iPhone.

Make your cooking experience easier by using this app. Enjoy!