Asian Mango, Cucumber and Spring Onion Salad with Fish Sauce

Mango is my favorite fruit in the whole wide world. That's how the child in me would recount the fond memories I have of my childhood. When the adults would ask me when I was a kid about my favorite things, they tend to include the phrase in the whole wide world accompanied with the gesticulating of arms encircling the air for emphasis. Mangoes were my life (and still is if only I can find in Italy the variety of mangoes I love) and I don't think a day passed without having mangoes in my diet. When I was a child, a big basket that carries about twenty five kilos would arrive at home when the older one is almost empty. They are all mature mangoes and when I started eating green (unripe) mangoes with shrimp paste, then my Mom's mango orders doubled because I ate a lot of unripe green mangoes too.

Unripe mangoes are sometimes referred to as green mangoes but they are not necessarily green-skinned. Most of the time they have green skin and hard, pale yellow pulp but sometimes, they can have light yellow skin and soft, light yellow pulp. The thing is, they should be on the sour (or with slight sweetness) side. And those mangoes are the perfect ones to use in salads like this. Since it's sour, it looks for something salty and fish sauce (or shrimp paste but it can be too pungent for others) is the best match for this salad like in this Green Mango Salad recipe. 

This salad matches grilled fish or meat dishes well so if you are about to start to grill, try a bit of Asian dish to match your food. You will love it! You can also treat this as a regular salad like I do sometimes. I submitted this Asian Mango, Cucumber and Spring Onion Salad with Fish Sauce recipe to Skinny Ms., where I create recipes. The site is about healthy living where you will find tips, resources and recipes in clean and healthy lifestyle. Hope you're having a great Sunday!

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