Grilled Pineapple with Rum Syrup and Frozen Yogurt

After a long dinner of all the courses, my friends declared that they were very full. I told them, that they cannot NOT skip the dessert and I promised that they would love it. There were excited answers but I can see that they were really full. The answer was to stand up from their seats and help me empty the table to move around and create more space in their tummies.

After a few minutes of cleaning up the kitchen and filling up the dishwasher, I started preparing for the last course and my favorite too. I pulled the griddle from its place in the cupboard and warmed it up. I lined up the kitchen table with the dessert plates with a bunch of fresh mint leaves on the side, ready for garnishing. I also took out the rum syrup that I cooked that afternoon then the pineapple slices. As soon as I grilled the pineapple, my friends trickled one by one back to the kitchen.  

What is that wonderful sweet smell? Pineapple.

The grilling didn't take long because they just needed to have those lovely burned grill marks on them. Then the gelato alla vaniglia (vanilla gelato). That night, we were not thinking about the calories so there was nothing low-fat there. But if you want to keep your calories down, use low-fat vanilla ice cream or yogurt. You will still enjoy the dessert just the same but with less calories.
I immediately poured the rum syrup and topped each with the fresh mint leaves. Done! Then I sent everyone back to their seats with their dessert. There was silence and after polishing off their plates, there were big smiles of appreciation. That was so good! I kept my promise.

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