Breaded Fish Fillet with Orange Salad

Sole and plaice are the kinds of fish that are easy to find in the shops. They are sold already filleted or sometimes still whole. I get both, just changing the recipes according to what I get. If I get the ones that are whole, I cook them with white wine, some tomatoes, olives, capers, practically what are basic in my kitchen. My Pan Seared Mediterranean Style recipe has never failed me on the table both with my family and guests. Whereas when I get the filleted ones, I go for this other favorite fish recipe at home. Breaded and cooked in the pan until they reach their golden color. If we are in the orange season, then much better, because I pair the breaded fish with orange salad. I usually just drizzle it with extra virgin olive oil, add salt and some zest.

At times, I add olives too. Sometimes, I add what I find in the refrigerator. There are a whole load of ingredients that we can put together. Orange salad is something I learned from my mother-in-law which she has been preparing for her own family. It's a Sicilian dish (as far as I know) that uses fresh ingredients and in my opinion, it goes perfectly well with simply-cooked fish. The flavors gently washes out the fishy taste that remains in the mouth without completely overpowering it. 

This Breaded Fish Fillet with Orange Salad recipe is one of the few dishes that my kids eat and because of that, I cook this one quite often (aside from the Pan Seared Mediterranean Plaice). If you also have picky-eaters at home, this can work. Give your kids fresh fish and fresh fruit if they don't like the real salad. It might work. It did with me.

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