Crostini with Smoked Salmon and Lemony Ricotta

There's a love and hate relationship with smoked salmon in our house. One day, it's the only food that one kid eats while the other one totally abhors it. Then they wake up and switch sides. Or they both love it at the same or they both don't like it at the same time. At the moment, they are at the "but we don't eat smoked salmon" stage but regardless, I have a pack in the refrigerator just in case they wake up loving it again. They still love salmon but the flavor of the moment is the fresh one that's grilled and a dipping sauce of soy sauce and lemon.

Even if the kids are like that, my husband and I never stopped liking smoked salmon and all the recipes that I make using it. One of the recipes that we both love eating again and again is this crostini. I mixed the ricotta with the salmon, lemon zest and juice then spread it on toasted slices of bread. It's so easy to prepare and the flavors are explosive with every single bite. There are some recipes that I keep for those times when I am too tired or lazy to whip up something in the kitchen that takes more than five minutes. This lifesaver is one of them. 

If you want to have a recipe that you can rely on when you are almost crawling with tiredness, don't worry, this Crostini with Smoked Salmon and Lemony Ricotta recipe is for you. I submitted this to Skinny Ms., a site where I create recipes. It is dedicated to clean living with tips, information and healthy recipes to guide you. Enjoy!

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