Mediterranean Tomato Tart

When I am at the farmer's market, I cannot imagine skipping the tomatoes at all. There are more varieties than the regular market stalls and the tomatoes are much uglier (gnarly and all) but you cannot negate the fact that they are much sweeter and taste more like tomatoes that their watery cousins at the supermarkets. The aroma is also much stronger. It's the kind that makes you stop yourself from digging into the bags while still in the car and eat them like an apple while driving. It's just the unbecoming sight of dripping tomato juices that is stopping me from really doing it.

One of my fond memories of my son when he was a toddler was when I was stuck in a predicament about how I was going to stretch my tomato supply right before cooking. He used to ask for a slice from me everytime he visits me in the kitchen while I'm chopping. I loved that habit of his but on that certain day, I was running out of tomatoes and they were dwindling fast because of how fast he was eating them. In fact, the recipe needed more. Alas! I thought of introducing him to carrots. He preferred snacking on tomatoes but the raw carrot in his hand was a good enough alternative. Like most kids, he stopped eating both tomatoes and carrots for some years then he started to pick up on them again. He eats tomato salads dressed with the right balsamic vinegar, or if we are eating Asian with dipping sauce, finely chopped tomatoes with white wine vinegar.

In this tart, I put together different varieties of small tomatoes to give a beautiful effect. One thing that I loved about preparing this was when I was mixing the tomatoes with the other ingredients in a bowl. The smell was permeating the warm kitchen. It was a perfume that I love smelling in kitchens, the kind that invites you in with a warm embrace of cooking odors.

I'm sure you are here for the recipe of this Mediterranean Tomato Tart so I won't make this long. You will be taken to She Knows, a site where I create recipes. From my Profile Page, you can also see what else I have over there. I hope you enjoy this tart and buon appetito!

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