Glass Appetizer of Grilled Asparagus and Pears with Blue Cheese Sauce

I wonder if all you have been glued to the news lately like me. Left and right, the world seems overtaken with tragic events. Lately I have been dreading turning on the television in the kitchen while I prepare breakfast for the kids. I tried once but I didn't like staring at the blank screen on the kitchen counter so I turned it on eventually. It was on the local news channel then after hearing the headlines, I quickly changed it to something more pleasant. Peppa Pig and her family was much, much more bearable that morning. If Peppa Pig can make my daughter entertained, then maybe she can work her magic on me too.

The other afternoon, I closed my computer, in spite of the long queue of work I had to do. My family and I, dog included, went to the nearby open-air commercial center's playground. I didn't plan on buying anything. There was just a need to shut my mind for a while and relax. So while the kids played in the playground, my husband and I, along with our dog, sat down in the nearby cafe and had a treat of an aperitif. It's been ages since we last sat down like that. 

Relaxing. Until a bee decided to join us too and steal some bits or couscous then he went back for a tiny speck of prosciutto. But it didn't end there because he went back with another friend and they both took over our antipasto (appetizer) platter. They're clean insects so we didn't find the need to shoo them away but instead watched them work around our plate. Sometimes the pieces they got were even bigger than them. It was hilarious watching them!

Relaxing over aperitif is something I love because the little samplers of food is always so wonderful to have and with the help of a glass of wine, champagne or cocktail, nothing can be as sublime. Because of my love of appetizers, I created a simple, yet delicious one in a glass. It is as healthy as you can imagine it to be with the grilled vegetables and fruit. There is just a little bit of splurging on calories on the blue cheese sauce, but you will certainly love what you are dipping your asparagus & pears in. I made this Glass Appetizer of Grilled Asparagus and Pears with Blue Cheese Sauce recipe for Skinny Ms., a site that dedicates itself to healthy living. Buon appetito!

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