Fresh Summer Fruit Salad with Basil Syrup

Don't you love it when you are holding a bowl of fresh fruits with different colors and aromas? I do, I really do. It's like it gives me more oxygen. They're beautiful, colorful, fresh and most of all, healthy. The good thing about fruit salads is that you can go with the season with a variety of fruits from whatever part of the world you are in. Gather the fruits that are out at that moment, chop them and dress them with a good, natural syrup like this simple basil syrup that I am sharing with you. Basil thrives in summer months and it tastes good with summer fruits. I love it specially with strawberries. It shows with the number of strawberries-basil recipes I have around here.

In this salad, I went for a variation of colors from the fruits that are in season. I got red, green and orange from strawberries, kiwi fruits and oranges with splashes of bright vermilion dried goji berries. It's incredible how easy it is to create a beautiful color spectrum in one bowl with healthy and fresh ingredients. One look and you would want to dive in and enjoy the fruits, especially on a hot day. 

I have two picky-eaters at home but when it comes to fruits, they never gave me problems. They both like eating fruits, with a limited selection of course, but just the same, they actually eat them voluntarily! Oh, and our dog loves eating fruits too (is it something normal?). One of the things that I totally love seeing is my kids plucking the fruits and sharing among themselves, dog included, what they got while resting under the trees. We are done with the apricots, plums, we are finishing with the figs and we have the perennial wild strawberries that yield daily little red berries.

Basically, you can put together whatever fruit you want to use for this salad but if you want to know how to make the basil syrup and if you want to follow what I put together in this bowl, check out this Fresh Summer Fruit Salad with Basil Syrup recipe that I created for Skinny Ms. It is a site where I create recipes that's dedicated to healthy living with tips, resources and lots of interesting recipes to choose from. 

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