No-Sugar Fig Fruit Spread Full Healthy Breakfast

Tomorrow is the very last day of the holidays and this one is also dedicated the kids. La Befana, the old witch, swoops down in her broomstick all over Italy on the eve of the Epiphany, distributing stockings full of candies and little gifts (if the kids have been good) or coals (if the kids have been naughty) then the stockings are left under the Christmas tree. After Santa Claus' grand gift distribution on Christmas Eve, this pales in comparison but where else in the world do kids get treated twice like this in a span of two weeks? The gifts are also becoming bigger because they don't fit in the stockings anymore. Lucky kids.

Since the toys are also becoming bigger than the stockings, they are also replacing the candies. I really don't have any qualms about it because it means that there is less sugar for the kids. I still remember one Befana when my son was just starting to enjoy the festivities and being the first kid in a big family of doting relatives, he received (ahem, I am not exaggerating) a paperbag that was about his size, full of candies. Even if I hid half of the stash, he was still in sugar high for days. So yes, when I saw the shops today with the adults buying more toys than candies, in spite of the old tradition turning into something too commercial, this time I had to concur and sigh with relief. There are more toys than candies this year and I am relieved with that.

Being the last day of the festivities tomorrow, our old routine goes back the day after. The kids go back to school and the special dinners and lunches are over too. My kitchen will normalize too. After what we have eaten the past days, I am ready to trim down on everything again. It had been a great Christmas holiday with all the food, wine and company. I think dieting had been far from everyone's minds because Christmas only happens once a year. It's the only period when you forget about everything else but to be merry. 

To make a good start, I have here a No-Sugar Fig Fruit Spread Full Healthy Breakfast that I created for Skinny Ms. It's a site dedicated to healthy living with recipes and tips on living well. Check them out if you want to look at more skinny recipes. If you don't have figs in your area anymore, you can substitute them with another kind of sweet fruit or wait for the fig season to arrive again. The important thing is, you just use the fruits and balsamic vinegar to make this fruit spread. Figs are naturally very sweet when mature and I used the balsamic vinegar to cut its sharpness and make the flavor rounder. With this simple fruit spread, you can spread it on the toasts, mix them with yogurt or with oatmeal too. Be creative. Enjoy it and stay healthy!

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