Kiwi Caipiroska Salad

Boozy fresh fruit salad? Yes please! When you have a favorite cocktail, isn't it great to recreate it by actually eating it, instead of drinking it? Spiking my fresh fruit salad became an acquired habit when my father-in-law first taught me how to flavor my macedonia or fresh fruit salad with Vermouth. I immediately loved it. I grew up eating fresh fruit desserts mixed with cream so to make such a giant step towards a more adult concoction convinced my palate that there is more to what I had been eating half of my life. Sometimes, I would use limoncello or other fruit-flavored liqueurs because the possibilities are endless. There is something about the combination that makes fruit desserts more appetizing. I am not speaking about the alcohol content. It's the more pronounced fruity flavor and the kick that get me. 

This time, kiwis are the fruit of my choice. Since caipiroska is such a wonderful cocktail drink, adding vodka and brown sugar captured what I had wanted to put together - in a fruit salad bowl. So grab your kiwis and make this simple spiked salad. You will love its clean taste especially when you chill them first. 

I created this Kiwi Caipiroska Salad recipe for She Knows so click on the recipe link to get it. For more of my recipes there, go to my Profile Page. Enjoy this fresh fruit dessert and enjoy the rest of your week!

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