Chicken Braised in Beer

When I was young, my main choice of beverage for social drinking is beer. I come from a big beer-drinking circle of family and friends so naturally, it was just beer or nothing. Our parties have seen tens of big cases of beer (24 bottles each) with matching little appetizer plates that are the equivalent of tapas, to get us through the whole night. A regular night of staying with friends and family commences after dinner, sitting down in long tables, little plates of food on the table and endless rounds of ice cold beer being passed around. My memories of the past always involved a bottle of beer spent with the important people of my life and special moments with them.

I usually cook with wine, not beer. That's what I told my husband after he asked me to try cooking a chicken and beer dish that he loved so much when he was young. His Mom used to cook it for him but then new dishes came out and his chicken and beer dish was eventually forgotten. We never got to ask her before she passed away. Sigh. These things happen. My Mom also had some undocumented recipes that only memories can revive. 

After the first trial that didn't come close, my second approach came out way better and perhaps even similar to how my husband remembers his favorite chicken and beer dish. If it's not exactly the one, my son instead found the version he likes in this one. His comment? Mom, this is one of the best chicken dishes that I have ever had! I am still continuing to experiment to get my husband's chicken and beer dish but for the meantime, let me share with you my son's preferred version.

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