Fruit Tiramisù

When your kids' favorite dessert is tiramisù you get worried. Just with the name itself, you will be ready to pounce on their plates and take them away from their reach. Tiramisù means pull me up in Italian. Why the name? Because it is supposed to revive you, energize, give you a jolt of lightning because it has espresso and Marsala wine (or can be another kind of liquor). After those two, you might even overlook the eggs and mascarpone. It's not a child's dessert and guess what? Both my kids are crazy about them and that is why the word worried is flashing on my forehead now.

Because almost all the restaurants carry tiramisù in their dessert menus and my kids can already read and order their own food, I am overpowered. Sometimes the ingredients are modified to lighter ones but a classic tiramisù cannot be one if there is no coffee involved. Fortunately, my younger daughter does not like the savoiardi biscuits (ladyfingers) part (which are actually the ones that are soaked in espresso) and prefers instead the mascarpone part. My older son instead doesn't leave a single crumb on his plate.

It's a good thing that there is a term called freedom. Freedom to choose the ingredients and freedom to express your own version. It's every purist's rival but for the sake of my children, here I am with a much lighter and child-friendly version that can be a considered an alternative to the real thing. My take on this Fruit Tiramisù is much lighter, healthier and even quite festive because it is completely adorned with fresh fruits on top bringing bright colors on the plate. And to switch the espresso and liquor part? I got it covered with freshly-squeezed clementine juice with no sugar added if the clementines you choose are already naturally sweet.

With so many kinds of fruits available in different seasons, you can also change them and put together a seasonal version. This is one of my favorite fruit cake desserts and I can't wait to try another version with different kinds of fruits - for next season.

Get this Fruit Tiramisù recipe at She Knows and I hope you enjoy it. I did! All of us actually did! 

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