Lasagna Pouches with Kale, Pancetta and Cheese

Layer or unlayer? Lasagna sheets are fun to use as ingredients in a pasta dish. It's always delicious when they are layered in between the sauce, cheese or whatever it is that you are mixing them with. Even if I have a very soft spot for the classic one with ragù and bechamel sauce, I am still looking for other combinations to try. The vegetables that I love are broccoli rabe, kale or mushrooms. I mean you can sandwich anything deliciously surprising in between the sheets and I am still continuing to explore. For now, I decided to unlayer and go for a different approach with my lasagna.

I enjoy making food pouches, usually using leftover lasagna sheets because I'd hate to see them go to waste and leftovers develop a life of their own in nudging me to hurry up and create a new recipe using unwanted food. I believe that second chances are sometimes even better!

So after preparing a classic ragù-bechamel lasagna dish, and stashing the leftover lasagna sheets back in the fridge, my mind started to work on what kind of recipe I can come up with. Something easy to prepare, cheesy and something to do with kale as I had a fresh bunch of them in the fridge. Kale is one of my favorite vegetables to sautè with lots of anchovies and garlic. 

One reason why I decided on pouches is because I didn't have enough sheets to layer and cover one whole lasagna dish. Pouches make great alternatives and they also give a fresh take on eating the lasagna. Think surprises, think more intense flavors, think yummy. Here are my Lasagna Pouches with Kale, Pancetta and Cheese, ready to be given a space on the table. With so many intense flavors mixed together, you will love every single bite! Buon appetito! I created this Lasagna Pouches recipe for She Knows. If you are interested in my other recipes, check out my Profile Page too.

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