One-Pot Farro with Roasted Peppers and Sweet Potatoes

This morning, as I was listening to the principal of the school where we are moving our kids, I realized how much our children have changed our priorities in life. It's 100% them 24 hours a day, 7 hours a week. They completely take over our lives, good and sometimes frustrating. They give us a purpose in going through our days to give them paved roads to travel to until they are ready to fly on their own. My kids are still young and as a family, we still have a lot of years to stay together, have fun and to shape them to the responsible persons we want them to be.

It's just a chain, isn't it? I am what my parents formed me to be and now that I am a parent myself, I want my kids to grow up like how I was reared. And the best gift they gave me was good education and family values. They placed me and my siblings to the school that they thought would give us the best education they were hoping for us to get in spite of the longer roads and more kilometers to travel everyday. Mornings and afternoons, that was sacrifice because I remember that there were two schools that were closer to our house. They sent us to the one with the promise of a brighter future. It was good that they listened because I graduated happy where I was educated. So today, we finally put one foot forward and went for a change that we had been thinking of for a long time. There will be more kilometers to travel too even if there are schools close to our house. I listened and believed what the future educator of our kids had to say. She gave the right words, they clicked inside me and I thought, these must have been the same words that my parents believed (in different languages though) and I am trusting this woman to form my kids to how I want them to be. Happy, with bright futures.

Education starts at home too and one thing that I like to teach my kids is to eat well. Kids and healthy food together take a lot of prowess in tearing down the wall between them. For that reason, I yielded to something that they would like in between the grains of farro. Some slices of salami and eggs helped a great deal in making them dip their forks here. Then I informed my rice-lover daughter that farro is a cousin of rice and it worked like magic. And we moved an inch forward to a healthier and brighter future. Sigh. 

This One-Pot Farro with Roasted Peppers and Sweet Potatoes is a great one-pot dish to prepare with lots of flavors to treat you. Really good stuff, I'm telling you. Technically, I did cheat on the one-pot concept because I used a second pot to boil the eggs. You can still use just one pot but cooking time will take longer.  Hop on over to She Knows and learn more. If you want to check out my other recipes there, click on my Profile Page and browse around. Have a great week!

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