Mixed Winter Fruit Gratin

I don't mean to overdose you with too much fruits today but they are really great ingredients to use in cooking both savory and sweet dishes. I use them a lot, depending on what the season gives me. This time, it's another collection of winter fruits (look at my previous post of Fruit Tiramis├╣) that I rounded up for this delicious fruit dessert. The fruits macerated in rum and brown sugar, covered up with cream then baked until golden brown. It is amazing! I love the no-bake Fruit Tiramis├╣ and I love this Mixed Winter Fruit Gratin's warm and creamy variation too.

Rum is a liquor that I use often in mixing with fruits. In my taste, it makes a perfect marriage of tastes. I have tried using it with different kinds of fruits and never did it fail me with the resulting flavor. One kind of fruit that I love putting it with is bananas and since I used it here, I immediately thought of using rum. It gives a very pleasant punch to this dessert so if you are doubtful about it, I wouldn't take it away. 

I shared this Mixed Winter Fruit Gratin recipe in She Knows. If you liked this recipe, check out my other stuff in my Profile Page there. Enjoy your week!

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