Asian-Style Beef and Broccoli

I wasn't expecting to find a good, thick wok in one of the Italian product lines of pots and pans that I sometimes buy so when I chanced upon it, I took out more money than I wanted and just bought it. It wasn't so cheap but I know that cooking in good quality thick pots and pans matters so much. I learned it the hard way because I practically threw away all of my old ones to give way for better ones. There was a lot of money wasted and it was a expensive lesson learned from experience.

Cooking Asian food became more fun when I got my wok. When I didn't have one, I was just cooking them in my regular saucepans. I never really found any differences when I cooked in the wok or the saucepan. The result is the same so don't worry if you don't have a wok to cook your Asian food.  

I love having a wok at home because of the fond memories I have in my parents' house. Because my Mom had a big household to feed, her woks were big. And since she always maintains her meal ensemble of rice, vegetable dish and fish or meat, there were always a couple of hot woks on the stove. The big rice cooker on the kitchen counter worked continuously too. The condiments are kept in one corner of the kitchen counter - the soy sauce, fish sauce, different kinds of vinegar, shrimp paste. Sigh. Memories in the kitchen are very close to my heart. My wok relives my childhood memories. I would also keep a rice cooker on my kitchen counter if my kitchen is bigger but for now, the wok is fine.

This Asian-Style Beef and Broccoli dish is one of my favorite dishes to prepare at home. It is quick and easy to prepare and I can put together the meat and vegetables in one cooking. Since my kids love soy sauce, I take advantage of it by cooking healthy Asian dishes and I make sure that I include a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. Rice is staple in Asian cuisines and this dish pairs perfectly well with steamed white rice. This dish may seem simple but it might surprise you how good it actually is. And nutrition wise, you won't be disappointed because the ingredients are vegetables, beef, soy sauce (low-sodium if you may) and fresh lemon.

Get this Asian-Style Beef and Broccoli recipe at Skinny Ms., a healthy lifestyle site where I create recipes. Enjoy one of my family's favorite Asian dishes!

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