Baked Mini Frittatas with Peas and Ricotta

Ok, officially, we are free from holidays until the week of the Carnevale, the pre-Lenten festivities touch down again in February. Just yesterday, when my husband and I were out with the kids looking for gifts for the Befana (from the Befana to the kids if they still believe it), I already saw some costumes for Carnevale. Can it be? It was a reminder of another big festivity when the kids prance around with their costumes while showering their paths (and everyone) with paper confetti. Then all the bakeries sell special kinds of traditional Carnevale pastries. I have a month to take it easy and look for their costumes. That also includes cutting down on sugar before another sugar explosion arrives in the country. Starting tomorrow, we are all going back to our normal daily routines. School, work, errands and eating in normal quantities.

When I made these mini frittatas, I had to remember where in the kitchen or pantry I stashed my silicone muffin molds. It had been ages since I last used them and I always get a teeny bit nervous when my cooking entails baking. If you only started to get to know me,  I have a delicate relationship with baking. It doesn't like me so much so I keep my baking adventures to a minimum. These mini frittatas had been a complete success in the kitchen and when they came out from the oven, a batch went straight to be eaten while another batch waited to be photographed. If you are not a food photographer, then lucky you because when you eat them straight from the oven, you will be in for a soft, pillowy treat of frittata. Because I mixed the eggs with a lot of ricotta, the mixture became fluffy and the Parmigiano Reggiano (Parmesan if you can't find it) and peas gave them a push to join the tasty frittata club.

If you want an idea on what to serve to guests in a hurry, provided that you have the ricotta and Parmigiano Reggiano resting in the fridge, then these mini ones are great to serve. Just add a dollop of fresh ricotta on top with some peas then your mini frittatas are all dressed up to be admired. 

Did I interest you enough to get my recipe of the Baked Mini Frittatas with Peas and Ricotta at She Knows? Then please hop on over there and let me know if you liked it. If you would like to see more of my recipes there, check out my Profile Page there. Enjoy and let's welcome the new year together!

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