Grilled Chicken and Vegetable Skewers

The other day, I overheard my daughter ask my husband what carnivores are. It was a big word for a child of 4 (by the way, she turned 5 yesterday) so both my husband and I were proud and surprised at such a grown-up question. After my husband explained to her what it means, she then proceeded by saying that we are omnivores then like our dog because we eat both vegetables and meat. Stunned, I heard my husband exploding with shouts of Brava! She loves enriching her vocabulary in both Italian and English. Words keep her company in the afternoons she spends in front of the TV, Ipad and her drawings and she loves to associate the words she knows with examples in real life.

So her current vocabulary usage is concentrated on the eating habits. Since we are all omnivorous at home, we explained what the carnivores and herbivores are and associated them with the kinds of animals. Then, as a joke, I told her that she is dolci-vorous (dolci means sweets or dessert in Italian) because she likes to eat dolci. And it stuck. She loves referring to herself as dolci-vorous while we, omnivores, eat these chicken and vegetable skewers. That also gives her a reason to be more picky with her food - because she is dolci-vorous. Sigh.

Healthy and easy to make, that's how I would describe these Grilled Chicken and Vegetable Skewers that I created for Skinny Ms. You just thread the ingredients then grill them on the fire or on a hot griddle. You can go to the full recipe at Skinny Ms. to find out more.

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