Chicken, Bacon and Potato Casserole

The weather is such a downer these past days. I wake up to very gray skies, the sun sometimes comes out for a fraction of the morning then continuous drizzling comes to along with ugly dark skies. Sun, rain, wind, lightnings, these alternate themselves throughout the day. Sigh, I never saw so much rain in autumn before. I wonder when all these dark heavy clouds will leave the sky and finally clear up to the usual beautiful blue skies of Rome. The Mediterranean winter seems to be far from arriving from how the weather has been lately. It keeps giving me a reason to tuck everyone inside and stay away from the howling winds and from getting wet and cold. Even our dog understands that because he spends more time lying down in front of the heaters.

When it's cold and wet outside, no one wants to brave the unfriendly weather. It's the time when I take out all the comfort food ideas up my sleeves. But with all the bad days to cover, I am running out of ideas of home-cooked meals to cook. Because comfort food is like being tucked in a soft fuzzy warm blanket, I like them to be familiar, no big surprises, with ingredients that we know inside out and warm dishes that not only fills us up but also warms up our souls. Yes, that's how I see comfort food. What about you?

This is a simple chicken and potato casserole with bits of toasted pancetta (or bacon) and bechamel sauce to give a slight kick to the flavor department. I would say that these two are responsible in giving the whole casserole more tastes. I love the dish, I have a feeling that you might just love it too. I hope you enjoy this Chicken, Bacon and Potato Casserole recipe that I am sharing with you. I created it for She Knows so you can get the recipe from there. Check out my Profile Page too if you like this recipe.

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