Garlicky Sautèed Bok Choy

Some vegetables are just meant to be tossed fast in a wok or saucepan with a few basic ingredients to attain that Asian touch. I had some garlic, soy sauce and sesame seeds to give the bok choy that Asian flavor that I had been longing to have. As much as I love Italian cuisine, the need to touch base with Asian food is a must sometimes. With bok choy fresh from the Asian market, the only way I cook them is a quick sautè with my basic Asian stash in the cupboard.

Along with vegetable dishes like this one, I always accompany it with rice and a fish or meat dish without any sauce that can clash with the bok choy's flavors. My main choice is grilled or fried fish and steamed rice. Healthy, especially if I pair it with grilled fish and simple with straightforward flavors. I like being able to taste every single ingredient that makes up a dish and with this sautèed dish, yes, I do taste every single constituent.

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