Blended Persimmon Mocktail

The uglier they are, the better they taste. That's what my husband always reminds me about persimmons. I Love persimmons with a capital L. Truly. It is also one of the fruits that I can't wait for the season to arrive. It has a ephemeral season here so when they are out, I wait for a few days to pass to get to the real season then I scramble to stuff myself and my husband with the really ripe, squashed and quite ugly persimmons. I love eating persimmons that I chill in the fridge first, cut them in half and scoop out the soft flesh with a teaspoon. I don't really know what variety we get in Italy but if you see the orange-skinned delicate-looking ones that look like they are ready to explode, then that is the kind that I am speaking about. I did make a Persimmon and Yogurt Marsala Dessert once and it came out delicious but after that, I just concentrated on my persimmon scooping activity to enjoy the fruit without any other ingredients involved. 

I went for my persimmon recipe number two when I made this Blended Persimmon Mocktail and it came more than great. In fact, it was so good that even my son, who never liked persimmons was surprised that he was drinking a second glass after I told him that he was actually drinking one of the fruits that he hated. E' cachi?!? After some thought, he said never mind, it's a seriously good drink anyway. What makes it really good is that I blended the fruit and the other ingredients with a lot of crushed ice so it came out cold and refreshing. Even in autumn, I think this drink has a lot of potential to be your next mocktail favorite. It is also healthy because it uses 100% natural ingredients. 

Check out this Blended Persimmon Mocktail recipe at She Knows, make it and tell me what you think. Enjoy your weekend! Hopefully, with a glass of Blended Persimmon Mocktail in your hands. Do click on my Profile Page there and browse my other recipes too.

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