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20 December 2014

3 Impressive Cocktail Glass Party Appetizers

What constitutes an awesome party? Heaps of great food and alcohol (if the guests are more than 18) and wonderful people. I have always loved giving parties ever since I was young, I mean really young. When I was given the green light to drink (I started earlier than 18), I spent the birthday money I received from my parents in giving parties instead of buying something material for my birthday. Sometimes, a little bit still remains that I get to buy a nice shirt or something. My Mom would always try to convince me to go for something I really wanted like clothes or electronics which I also love but parties win on my priorities hands down.

Birthdays happen only once a year and we have every reason to celebrate it. That's what I always to myself and celebrating it is always beautiful in the company of the people who are important to you. Isn't it? But this post is not about birthdays. It is about parties and the perfect food to serve when the equally perfect guests are coming to stay with you. Now that Christmas and New Year are just a few days away, Ho! Ho! Ho!, it's time for those fun parties to take place! In your place? Don't worry because I have 3 Fun and Easy Cocktail Glass Party Appetizer recipes to share with you.

Grilled Shrimp on Papaya with Curry 

These shrimp were meant to be partnered with another fruit but it is already off-season so when I scanned my third fruit shop, I finally gave up and looked for other options. The papaya, since it is an imported tropical fruit, doesn't have any season here. It is always dependably present in the fruit section. With curry, it is a great match so after the wasted time, effort and fuel in running around town looking for the wrong fruit, I got a papaya that I knew would go perfectly well with this recipe.

And papaya, curry, lime, sesame seeds and shrimp they are in this appetizer. It's a dive into this lovely appetizer with exotic flavors. Treat yourself and your guests with this surprising combination of big flavors.

Smoked Salmon on Piquant Guacamole

I can't survive a month without buying a pack of smoked salmon or a big fresh salmon fillet to feed my family. As much as I avoided it when I was young, I am making up for its absence in my diet now that I am living in Italy. The only fresh salmon dish I grew up with was steamed and covered with mayo because I think it was the only salmon recipe that my Mom or anyone in the house knew. It was my least favorite dish of all times (until now) and I just couldn't eat it. Now why didn't my Mom just put it on a hot griddle and cook it there?

Having a pack of smoked salmon in the fridge is always helpful. The whole family eats it without any complaints so it's one of the staples that I like to stock up on. When there is nothing to cook, it is just easy to pull it out and create a salad.

If there is a fruit that I love mixing with savory flavors, it has got to be avocado. Mashed, with lime, onions and to add a slight sting, some chili, I have to say that with smoked salmon, it's like a match made in perfect harmony. Among these 3 appetizers, I think this is the tastiest.

Grilled Shrimp & Toasted Bacon on Lentil Cream

Mung beans or sometimes lentils cooked with little shrimp broke my vegetable-free kiddie diet when I was young. I avoided vegetables like plague (what a nightmare I was!) but the lentil and shrimp dish changes all that. For some strange reason, it is even one of my favorite dishes. Reminiscent to that, I created this appetizer. I also added toasted pancetta or bacon because sometimes, I mix the lentils with them and like the one with the shrimp, I love it too.

When flavor is the one you are after, this has the most robust combination among the three. Lentils, bacon and shrimp all have delicious flavors of their own and when teamed together, they create a good little appetizer to start a meal right or to eat along with a good glass of cocktail.

All 3 Cocktail Glass Party Appetizers are pretty awesome ideas to have on the coming parties that you have. One batch of appetizer can go to a number of little cocktail glasses to serve in. Not only do they look great, they are delicious too.You won't be disappointed, I promise you. I created all three for She Knows where you can also get the recipes in one article. Check out my Profile Page there if you would like to see my other recipes. Enjoy your weekend!

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