Vegetarian Couscous

I was not impressed with myself with my first trial in cooking with couscous a few years ago. It became a soft mass of unidentifiable object. Surely, I did something wrong so I gave it another try but the outcome was the same after following the instructions to the dot. Cooking instant couscous doesn't really require so much cooking skills because you just soak it in boiling water and it swells on its own a after a few minutes. What I did find out is that I should use the one with good quality. With its history in mind, I knew I would find the right one eventually because couscous is widely used in Sicilian cuisine, especially in area of Trapani (western part) because its history is intertwined with a couple of North African countries namely Libya and Tunisia. For that, couscous is not a foreign ingredient in Italy. After knocking down another pack, I finally found the brand that I liked in the only shop where I can get good quality tapioca.

Along with the good quality couscous I have, I cooked this pretty simple and tasty Vegetarian Couscous dish. The key to its flavors is in the vegetable broth because it is what the couscous absorbs. It is a seriously healthy dish because I used different kinds of fresh vegetables which you can change freely depending on the season. So if you are vegan, vegetarian or just want healthy food, you will find this dish agreeable to your diet without missing out on the lovely flavors of vegetables.

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