Grilled Chicken and Avocado Salad

Today, I had two slices of red velvet cake adorned with Smarties. It's my son's friend's birthday and his mom made him a lovely and delicious cake for the special occasion. Because I loved it, I went back to her for my second slice and I didn't listen to the calorie counter buzzing. In two days instead, my daughter is turning 5. That means that in two days time, I will be eating slices of chocolate millefoglie (mille feuille) birthday cake with the Paw Patrol dogs staring at me. Chocolate is her choice of flavor while millefoglie is my husband's choice of birthday cake. The two combined together in choosing the birthday cake can be dangerous to the calorie level. But birthdays only come once a year and to be around, perfectly healthy, is a very good reason to celebrate it.

I don't really keep a strict watch on the number of calories I gain or lose but I am aware that eating cakes continuously doesn't help the fact that most probably, my pants will not close anymore. So in between today and Thursday, I am eating light so I can eat the cake that my daughter and husband chose for her 5th birthday. 

Salads, soups (been making a lot lately) and fruits are foremost in my diet in between these days. I have my favorites and this is one of them. I don't miss out on the protein from the chicken. I prefer the red meat of the chicken but in most occasions, I buy and cook the white meat to cut away the fat. I love the combination of avocado and balsamic vinegar which makes this salad tasty. 

This is a very simple and healthy salad that you can also put together at home easily. For the full recipe of this Grilled Chicken and Avocado Salad, get it at Skinny Ms. It's a site where I create healthy recipes because it is a place dedicated to healthy living. 

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