Pineapple, Shrimp & Cucumber Salad

There are some moments when I get stuck with ingredients that I would like to put together, like this recipe. The idea is like a persistent child's commands. I want this! And that one! That too! I knew that sooner or later, I will be in front of my kitchen counter with the ingredients I had in mind. I finally made a trip to the supermarket and rounded up what had been hounding me for days. A refreshing and crunchy shrimp, fruit & vegetable salad sealed with a good sprinkling of toasted sesame seeds and a dash of sesame oil and fish sauce (or the Italian colatura di alici in this case).

I know, it has a lot of Asian prints in it. It can be a curious combination to some but believe me, give it a chance, and you will see how delightful it is. Major consideration - if you like fish sauce or colatura di alici which is what I use here in Italy. This is the amber-colored liquid extracted from the fermentation of fish. It is a common sauce used in Asian cuisines. Every Asian country's version has a slightly different taste based on the kind of fish used, the method and the length of fermentation. Colatura di alici is the one produced in Cetara, a small town in the Amalfi Coast in Italy, the recipe of which originated from garum, the fish sauce from the ancient Roman period. You can learn more about it from this old post that I wrote.  You might even find the Orange Salad With Fennel & Colatura di Alici recipe that you will find in that old post interesting.

Now let me leave you with the recipe which is located all the way here. You will be taken to She Knows, a great site where I create recipes. Check out this link too to see what other recipes I have there. Thanks and enjoy the rest of the week!
Orange Salad With Fennel, Celery and Colatura di Alici di Cetara (Italian Anchovy Sauce) - See more at: the post interesting.