Lunchbox Tuna and Mayonnaise Sandwich Rolls

The kids are asking for panini (sandwiches) for their school snacks again. I am undecided whether to give heavy snacks or maintain the biscuits before lunch because I rationalize on one explanation. Snacks are supposed to get you through from one meal to the next one, not to fill you up. If they eat heavy snacks, they won't have the appetite for the next meal. But if the kids ask continuously, what happens? I succumbed to double kiddie power!

Yesterday morning, their knapsacks were packed with panini con prosciutto cotto (sandwiches with cooked ham). Both raved about how much they loved their new snacks as soon as they went home. They unanimously asked for panini again today even if my son receives his own from the school cafetteria.   

Day 2: panini con salame (salami sandwiches).

Sometimes, even with their big love for salumi (cold cuts), they have big appetites for tuna sandwiches. And you should see how much they eat too! Tuna is one of the usual filling in tramezzini, the triangular sandwiches served in the bars here but what I prepare for them is the one I grew up with. Tuna, mayo & a dash of pepper. The complete recipe actually ends with finely chopped onions but I live with a family of onion haters so sadly, I have to join the club too. 

This is a very simple sandwich to prepare and I use the long bread sandwiches (hoping you have them in your part!). To check out how it is done, please click on this link. It will take you to She Knows, a site where I also create recipes aside from my blog. Then on to this link if you are interested in seeing the list of recipes that I have created for them.

Thanks and have a great week!