Chicken Paprika With Potatoes

Chicken, potatoes and paprika are staple ingredients in my kitchen. I have smoked paprika fit for an army, the potato bin is always well-stocked and the chicken fillets are always the first ones that we buy for our supply of fresh food. I actually have a stronger preference for red meat but since I have two kids to feed, I give them what is healthier, the lean white meat.

Since the white meat of the chicken is not really the tastiest part, I have learned to work around it with my recipes to make it more interesting, not just for myself but especially for my kids. One of our house favorites and by far, the simplest, is cooking them on the griddle, sprinkled with salt then drizzled with extra virgin olive oil right before serving. The chicken have to come straight from the griddle then to the plates while they are still hot and tender, sometimes partnered with a potato dish or lettuce dressed with extra virgin olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Simple, basic healthy fare that luckily, my kids eat without problems. When I prepare a meal like that, it makes me think of Pope Francis because I read somewhere that his usual meal consists of lean chicken meat with salad and a fruit. Maybe we can have lunch together?

Since the meat I serve at home is almost always white chicken meat, most of my recipes are chicken-based. Here is another idea that came out pretty well. It has lots of smoky flavor, the aroma is guaranteed to make you hungry and the pancetta (or bacon if you can't find it) sealed it with a kiss. Delicious! Ok, I admit, pancetta is something that I should be evading to feed the kids but sometimes, the dish is just calling for it. 

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