Asian Adobo Calamari (Adobong Pusit)

I distrust black food because it's a color that masks the ingredients. And if I can be honest, it doesn't really make the food look appetizing, does it? When it has sauce and it is gleaming in its ebony shine, I have to know what's in it. I like seeing and tasting every single ingredient in my plate. And as much as I love this adobo dish, I find it very hard to make it look more appetizing than this.

For its shortcoming in the visual impact, it gives you all the surprises in the flavors. This has always been one of my favorite Philippine dishes with its very interesting classic adobo combination of soy sauce, vinegar and the squid ink to make it black. If you can use the smaller squid, then it's even much better. It is always eaten with steamed white rice drizzled with the black sauce. If there is an Asian version, there is also an Italian version that maximizes the squid and its ink with fantastic flavors. The linguine al nero di seppa is another dish that is seriously good!

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Thanks and have a good week! Halloween is just around the corner. Enjoy!