Eggplant Parmigiana Bites

Parmigiana was, is and will always be THE ultimate aubergine/eggplant dish for me. But I am not agreeable to all parmigiana dishes that end up in front of me. Nope, I am far too choosy with what is good and it's even pretty hard to resist in not trying them in the country where parmigiana dishes are everywhere. It might seem that I am guilty of loving my own but really, it's just the way it is. Why? Because the only parmigiana that I love is my husband's mom's recipe. Period. 

I have tried a myrhiad interpretations of this recipe but only one sticks out. It's this one, from my own mother-in-law's kitchen. From her mom's kitchen, to her own kitchen and now to mine. Passed on for three generations (maybe even more!) for a singular reason. Because it's absolutely good!

Now let's speak about a shortcut parmigiana in bite sizes. I have to be honest, it only comes second to the real one but there are times when being elaborate with a dish is an issue because we don't always have that much time to spend in cooking. In my opinion, the quality of the dish depends on the tomato sauce that you are using. The better and tastier it is, the better your parmigiana will be.  These are definitely smaller in size but but they are big in taste. 

Click on this link to take you to the recipe which I created for She Knows. My profile page in their site is at this link. Thanks and enjoy your Sunday!