Easy Spicy Beef Pho

I have a mission and I still haven't attained it to the perfection that I want. It's hard when you have 2 focused taste buds to please. I can imagine how unclear I must be to you. You see, both my kids are crazy about the Asian instant noodle soup and I try to stay clear from them. I have eaten my share when I was young but an episode of MSG overdose or allergic reaction (the doctors were unclear) with a trip to the hospital made me stop eating them.

But I am not perfect and having moved to a not-so-familiar territory, I instinctively grab a pack sometimes whenever I encounter them in Asian stores here. Sigh. I know. You can't teach old dogs new tricks, can you? My biggest regret is when both my kids tried it once and a kids-soup bond materialized. I am not really so happy about it and you know why. So here I am, trying out all the ways to make noodle soup from scratch to try to win these two taste buds. This is already an absolute winner for me and my husband but for both kids, there is still one major improvement to do like lessening the vegetables and a little more tweak with the taste. Sigh. 

Out of all the noodle soups I made, this is my favorite because I sautèed the beef separately, giving a much stronger flavor, I added a spike of spiciness (adjust accordingly) and it's a shortcut to the genuine Vietnamese (my apologies to the purists!).

You can get the full recipe at this link in She Knows, where I create recipes. And if you want to see the other recipes I have there, click on this link. Enjoy your week!