Six Hands Dinner at Maio Restaurant in Rome with Banfi Wines and Gruppo Galli

Six, the themed culinary journey that Maio Restaurant hosts, has seen its second edition on the 10th of April after its debut in October of 2023. The exclusive dining experience unfolds over six courses, each meticulously curated to reflect the evolution of the Maio family's culinary legacy. From their humble beginnings in Baraggia Vercellese to the grandeur of their establishments in Rome and Milan, guests traverse the gastronomic landscape that shaped Maio's journey.

Each dish is a delicious discovery of the essence of Maio's roots intertwined with the flavors of Italy's finest ingredients. Enhancing the experience are the products of two esteemed partners for each event: from the first edition's Cantina Damilano that offered the historical essence of Barolo through its exceptional wines to the second edition's Banfi, a prestigious winery that has been instrumental in raising Italy's wine profile globally with its rich diversity of terroir from the sparkling wines of Alta Langa to the renowned reds of Montalcino. On the food front, the first edition celebrated the luxurious truffles of Appennino Food while with this edition, the high quality beef of Gruppo Galli, a prominent family-run butchery that has 70 years of history in the Rome.

Maurizio Randolfi, the Beef Master of the Galli Group

In the vibrant core of the Eternal City, Maio Restaurant & Rooftop graces the top floor of Rinascente in via del Tritone, providing the perfect backdrop for an evening devoted to the splendor of Italian cuisine. Under the stars and amidst the enchanting backdrop of Rome, Six is a six hands dinner event of craftsmanship of a symphony of flavors, guided by the expertise of three culinary masters. Maurizio Randolfi, the Beef Master of the Galli Group, joined forces with Luca Seveso, the Executive Chef of Maio restaurants, and Andrea Biasia, the Resident Chef of Maio in Rome, to curate the unforgettable dining experience of Six's second edition. 

The impressive dinner menu, orchestrated by the trio of chefs, comprised six delectable dishes, including two showcasing the succulent and richly flavored marbled Sakura beef, expertly prepared in both raw and grilled variations by Beef Master Maurizio Randolfi. Accompanying these culinary delights was a thoughtfully curated array of wines sourced from Banfi's cellars spanning from Piedmont to Tuscany, guaranteeing a seamless fusion of flavors that enhanced each dish to perfection.

Chef Andrea Biasia: Fiore di Zucca "a Modo Mio"
Pumpkin blossom, buffalo cheese cream, Mediterranean anchovies, roasted tomatoes and basil
Cuvée Aurora 100 Mesi Alta Langa DOCG Riserva Pas Dosé 2012 Magnum

Chef Luca Seveso: Uovo Morbido
Soft egg, cream of broad beans, peas, mint, stracciatella cheese and salmon caviar
Fontanelle Toscana IGT Chardonnay 2022

Maurizio Randolfi: Tartare di Sakura
Sakura tartare, hazelnut mayonnaise, crispy salad, raspberry and crispy porcini
Poggio alle Mura Rosso di Montalcino DOC 2021

Chef Luca Seveso: Ravioli del Plin
Plin ravioli stuffed with oxtail stew
Summus Super Tuscan Toscana IGT 2019

Maurizio Randolfi: Ribeye Sakura Yoza
Sakura ribeye with chimichurri and parmentier potatoes
Vigna Marrucheto Brunello Di Montalcino DOCG 2018

Chef Andrea Biasia: Ricotta Montata
Whipped ricotta, sour cherries, buckwheat crumble and lemon bread
Florus Moscadello di Montalcino DOC Vendemmia Tardiva 2019

Maio Restaurant & Rooftop

Maio Restaurant & Rooftop offers a picturesque setting that epitomizes contemporary elegance. Situated on the 6th and 7th floors of Rinascente Roma in via del Tritone, it serves as a beacon for those yearning to rediscover the essence of Italian flavors amidst the breathtaking vistas of Rome. The culmination of the Maio family's entrepreneurial journey, which began in a small restaurant in Baraggia Vercellese evolved to the great restaurants of Milan, opened in 2007 and Rome in 2023, both housed in the prestigious Rinascente buildings. 

Driven by the relentless pursuit of excellence, brothers Alessandro and Massimo Maio infuse sophistication into every aspect of Maio Restaurants, marrying culinary mastery with artistic flair to create an experience brimming with creativity. Today, the Maio group extends its presence beyond the confines of its restaurants, with ventures such as Be-Steak, the art of grilling fine meats at Rinascente Milano Duomo and Milano Rho Fiera. Their dedication to culinary excellence extends beyond the confines of the restaurant, with ventures such as Be-Steak in Rinascente Milano Duomo and Milano Rho Fiera. Additionally, Maio Catering embodies a commitment to delivering unparalleled gastronomic experiences, seamlessly blending the culture of haute cuisine with bespoke catering services tailored to meet the needs of every occasion. 

Maio Restaurant

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