La Masseria di Sessa: Cultivating a Commitment to Organic Viticulture in Campania

Behind every company lies a story, a narrative woven from the fabric of its founders' dreams and aspirations. For La Masseria di Sessa, the choice of name embodies a deep-rooted connection to the land and a commitment to fostering harmony between nature and humanity. Gianni Imperatore and his wife Marcella embarked on a journey fueled by a desire to reconnect with the earth and cultivate a lifestyle centered around sustainable practices. It was amidst the tranquil embrace of an oak forest that they discovered an old farmhouse, a canvas upon which to paint their vision of coexistence with nature.

Thus, in 2010, La Masseria di Sessa was born. It was a testament to their dedication to making natural and sustainable agriculture a mission. From its inception, the company has embraced the principles of organic farming, eschewing chemical synthesis products in favor of ancient natural practices and cutting-edge green technologies. Under the stewardship of Alfredo Russo, who assumed the role of General Manager in 2018, La Masseria di Sessa embarked on a trajectory of growth and international expansion, forging strategic partnerships to amplify its presence in the global market. 

What sets La Masseria di Sessa apart are its distinctive products, each bearing the imprint of its distinctive volcanic soil mixed with tuff and ashes, and the meticulous craftsmanship of its winemaker. Positioned in the Roccamonfina zone where the sea is located just about 10 kilometers away and surrounded by the mountains, from the minerality of the soils to the acidity of native vines, every bottle encapsulates the essence of the terroir offering a sensory journey through its rich heritage and tradition. The tasting journey of La Masseria di Sessa wines unfolds with each sip - a symphony of robust flavors and elegant nuances that speak about the terroir. 

From Vineyards to the Cellar

Situated in the municipality of Sessa Aurunca, with its fertile plains and picturesque hillsides, Masseria di Sessa occupies 18 hectares of prime agricultural land. Here, amidst the ancient vines of Aglianico, Piedirosso and Falanghina for the Falerno del Massico DOC, the legacy of Campania's winemaking heritage is celebrated. Aligned with the ethos of natural production at La Masseria di Sessa, the creation of organic wine undergoes a meticulous journey.

It commences with the utilization of organic soil enhancers sourced from company compost, leading to a process that intertwines ancient methodologies with state-of-the-art techniques. This includes employing natural inert gas for must extraction, facilitating the reduction, and in some instances, the complete elimination of sulfur dioxide usage. Subsequently, refinement occurs either in wooden barrels within an ancient tuff cave or in electronically controlled steel silos, ensuring a steadfastly organic outcome. The cellar embodies a harmonious fusion of antiquity and modernity, tradition, and innovation. Structured across multiple levels, it leverages varying altitudes to facilitate the transformation of grapes into wine.

The Wines

Crono Falerno del Massico Bianco DOC 2020, 2019 and 2018
Obtained from the blend of 85% Falanghina and 15% Fiano grapes harvested by hand then with fermentation at a controlled temperature for 20 - 25 days. Refinement follows in steel for 6 months then another 6 in the bottle. In the glass, the 2020 presents a bright straw yellow with intense aromas of dried flowers and tropical fruits while on the mouth, there is a good balance, sapid, balsamic note and persistent acidity. The 2019 presents a nose with notes of crushed stones while on the mouth, it shows off its elegance, good balance, and ends with a lingering acidity. The 2018 has a darker shade of straw yellow and at its fifth year, it conveys its maturity with more concentrated aromas and flavors, more evidently notes of minerals.

Amaltea Campania Greco IGT 2019
The Amaltea vineyard is located in Sessa Aurunca, near the Gulf of Gaeta, from which it receives fresh salty breezes, while the soil is volcanic which originated from the explosion of the Roccamonfina volcano. The grapes are harvested when fully ripe and then the the must ferments in small mulberry and acacia barrels where it goes through partial malolactic fermentation. It ages on the fine lees in the same barrels for 6 months and subsequently in steel. The color of the wine has a dark hue of golden yellow with highlights of amber while the aromas are floral with ripe yellow stone fruits. On the palate, it displays robustness as it begins with the floral note as it journeys through acidity and complexity of flavors from ripe yellow fruits to nuts.

Marchesa Campania Rosato IGT 2020
Obtained from Primitivo grapes with a short maceration of about one hour with fermentation at a controlled temperature for 20 - 25 days. Refinement follows in steel for 6 months then another 6 in the bottle. Coral pink in color with an intense nose of fruits and crushed stone while on the mouth, it's full and balanced. 

Garbo Campania Rosso IGT 2021
Made from 85% Primitivo and 15% Sciascinoso grapes where the refinement is carried out in steel separately then blended and bottled before its release. Garbo brings together the strength and harmony of the wine made from Primitivo grapes and the lively color and fruity character of the wine made from Sciascinoso grapes. It has a is purplish red color with ripe fruits in the nose, strawberries and dried roses while on the mouth, it is fresh, round, and has silky tannins. 

Primus Falerno del Massico Primitivo DOC 2020
Obtained from 100% Primitivo grapes and aged for 12 months in steel and another 6 months in the bottle. A deep ruby red color with violet highlights, the aroma is intense with notes of mint, pepper, ripe fruits and cherries in alcohol. On the mouth is it full-bodied with flavors of dried roses, dark stone fruits, harmonious and persistent.

Qaestio Falerno del Massico Rosso DOC 2018
Made from 80% Aglianico and 20% Piedirosso grapes, harvested by hand and refined for 12 months in large and small oak barrels of first and second passages, and another 6 months in the bottle. In the glass, it presents a deep garnet color with an intense and complex nose, conveying aromas of dried spices, ripe and jammy dark stone fruits, leather, chocolate and toasted notes. On the mouth, it is soft and full-bodied with veiled tannins and maintains good acidity and long finish. 

Dodici Falerno del Massico Rosso Riserva DOC 2018
Obtained from 100% Aglianico grapes that are harvested manually. To keep its fruity characteristics intact, malolactic fermentation is not favored and the refinement is carried out in small medium-toasted oak barrels of second passage for at least 12 months and another 6 months in the bottle. Deep ruby ​​color with a complex and intense nose conveying aromas of ripe dark fruits, dried spices, cocoa, balsamic notes and a touch of wood. The mouth is full and enveloping with the a very long line of acidity and powerful tannins. Keep it in the cellar for a few more years to enjoy how it evolves.

La Masseria di Sessa

Address: Via Travata SP 320 Km 3+100, 81037 Sessa Aurunca (CE), Italy
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