Enoteca Meucci in Cortona: An Elevated Wine and Dine Experience in Tuscany

Enoteca Meucci stands as a testament to the fusion of passion for wine and culinary expertise, embodied by its founders Mauro Meucci and his wife and Laura. What began as a vision to revitalize an old farmhouse across from their esteemed Bar del Riccio in 2017, has evolved into a thriving epicurean destination offering a harmonious blend of wine and gastronomy.

Enoteca Meucci officially opened its doors on December 2019, boasting an impressive collection of over 2000 wine labels. Mauro and Laura, along with a dedicated team, curated an extensive selection that reflects their profound appreciation for quality and diversity in wine. The ground floor houses the expansive wine shop, while intimate tasting rooms offer patrons the opportunity to explore and savor a diverse range of vintages.

Ascending to the second floor, they have dedicated the gastronomy side in an elegant dining space overseen by Chef Massimo Romano. With an extensive background spanning prestigious restaurants across the globe, Massimo brings a wealth of culinary expertise to the table. Rooted in his childhood experiences in his family's restaurant, Massimo's journey in the culinary world has been marked by excellence. His culinary philosophy combines Tuscan traditions with innovative techniques, resulting in a menu that marvels a cultivated palate. His affinity for slow cooking at low temperatures and his skillful use of aromatic herbs from the region are just some of the elements that make his cuisine truly exceptional. 

At Enoteca Meucci, emphasis is placed on sourcing the finest seasonal ingredients, resulting in menus that evolve with the changing landscape of flavors and aromas. From homemade pasta to meat and fish dishes, each creation reflects a commitment to quality and craftsmanship. There are three distinct five-course Tasting Menus (€65), each showcasing the chef's creativity. Whether indulging in the nostalgic flavors of "Il Nostalgico" where the Umbrian flavors play protagonist in every dish, represented by the innovative flair of the chef, or the "I 5 dello Chef" where fish, meat and vegetables are strengthened by the artistry and technical capacity of the chef and lastly, the "OrtoKzerO", a tasting menu dedicated to the freshness of the ingredients from their vegetable gardens. Along with these tasting menus, there's also the experience of a sommelier-curated five-glass wine pairing at €35 which highlights the symbiotic relationship between food and wine.

Whether dining indoors in the elegant dining rooms of the restaurant, ensconced among the walls of wines or al fresco in the charming garden, patrons are enveloped in an atmosphere of warm hospitality in the Tuscan countryside. Enoteca Meucci is not merely a restaurant, it is a celebration of the rich tapestry of Tuscan food and wine, a testament to the enduring legacy of the dedication of the people behind it. With each sip of wine and every bite of the chef's creations, guests embark on a journey of discovery, leaving them with memories to savor long after the last glass has been emptied.

Enoteca Meucci

Address: Loc. Riccio, 71 - 52044 Cortona (AR), Italy
Tel: +39 333 196 5439
Website: https://enotecameucci.it
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/enotecameucci