A Thursday Delight of Oysters and Champagne at In Salotto of Hotel Vilòn

Step into a world of refined indulgence every Thursday evening at Vilòn's living room, where oysters and champagne take center stage. Inspired by Max Jacob's poetic comparison, the ambiance is set for an evening reminiscent of the sea caressing the shore, a symphony of taste and luxury. Starting Thursday, April 11th, and continuing each subsequent Thursday at 18:00, Vilòn's In Salotto undergoes a transformation into an Oyster Bar. Guests are invited to immerse themselves in the delicate flavors of meticulously sourced oysters, expertly paired with the effervescent allure of champagne. 

At the helm of the Oyster Bar stands Federico Denipoti, a connoisseur trained in two of London's oldest and esteemed oyster establishments, Bentley's Oyster Bar & Grill and Wiltons Restaurant and Oyster Bar. Federico's passion for oysters is palpable as he expertly shucks and serves, regaling guests with tales of these oceanic treasures. The oysters come from Brittany, Normandy, Ireland, and local Italian sources like La Perla del Delta from Veneto, Ostrica del Vento and Mater from Sardegna, providing a wide range of flavors and textures. Whether soft, firm, buttery, briny, sweet or salty with persistence, each variety is carefully curated to captivate the palate. 

Complementing the oysters is a selection of the some of the best champagne, elevating the experience to new heights. Simone Freda, Vilòn's young maître, curates a selection of small niche maisons alongside the Cuvée Brut and Cuvée Rosé of Laurent-Perrier for the guests to embark on a sensory journey guided by the harmonious interplay of flavors and aromas. Furthermore, you can sip and savor these delicacies amidst the lush greenery of the outdoor patio enveloped in the soft glow of candlelight and the enchanting ambiance of the pocket garden surrounded with ferns, philodendrons and tall trees of birds of paradise.

Centrally-located in a cobblestone side street in via dell'Arancio 69, Hotel Vilòn is a sophisticated serene hideaway from the humming movements of Rome outside its doors. It is housed in the annex of the Palazzo Borghese, a historical 16th century palace belonging to the noble Borghese Family. Touches of whimsical creativity, of colors and patterns, mixing up references to the decadent 17th century and contemporary period create an original space which is called Hotel Vilòn. 

This weekly appointment at Vilòn is a time where you can enjoy some of nature's luscious treats. As a starter, while waiting for the oysters to be shucked in the elegant and cozy In Salotto, snacks of olives, dried fruit and chips arrive immediately. Catering to diverse tastes, the three oysters arrive with accoutrements like the mignonette sauce made with raspberry vinegar to soften the sapidity of the shellfish, a squeeze of lemon to amplify the flavor and a dash of Tabasco sauce to give a touch of spiciness. But for purists, oysters are best enjoyed without adding anything to savor the genuine merroir flavors of the oysters.

Price: Three oysters and one glass of champagne at €50

Hotel Vilòn

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