Umbrian Flavors on My Plate at Ristorante Apollinare in Spoleto, Italy

In almost three decades of its presence in the magnificent ancient city of Spoleto in Umbria, Ristorante Apollinare has been an established benchmark for excellent local cuisine among locals and visitors. Its location alone is a set in an old Franciscan convent and church of the Franciscan order from the 12th century, the oldest place inhabited by the friars in the city. The entrance of the restaurant is in a cobblestone alley that is just a stone's throw away from the Piazza della LibertĂ  and the Teatro Romano. In the warm summer months, the outdoor area is open for dining and if there is a concert going on at the nearby theater, it becomes an intimate summer dining with the live music.

Refined environment enclosed with the ancient stone walls and wooden beams, the mood it sets inside is intimate and relaxing where food and wine are the centerpieces of the table. The cuisine is predominantly Umbrian represented in traditional dishes as well as creations inspired by the innovation of the chef. Giuseppe Sinisi takes the helm of the kitchen where he generates praiseworthy dishes utilizing the proper culinary techniques and carefully selected quality ingredients from various Italian regions but most especially Umbria. 

There is great attention to details as the menu is built according to the seasonality of the raw materials to always guarantee the peak of their flavors, aromas and freshness. The authenticity of the traditional local cuisine is without a doubt depicted in a myriad of outstanding textures and aromas in this restaurant. 

The culinary proposals of the chef are most appreciated when paired with the right wine to enhance the delicious tones of flavors. Being in the heart of one of Italy's most important winemaking region, the restaurant's cellar has an ample selection of labels with great emphasis on some of the region's distinguished wine estates.

The menu has quite an interesting number of interesting proposals. Appetizers (€10 to €15), First Courses of Pasta and Risotto (€10 to 16), Main Courses of Meat and Seafood (€12 to 24) and Desserts (€6). Tasting Menus are also available: Classic Menu of Apollinare (€35) with four courses of classic Umbrian dishes; Surprise Menu (€30) with 3 surprise dishes by the chef; Vegetarian Menu (€35) for four courses; and Fish Menu (€40).

When available, try the Scrambled Eggs with Black Truffles of Norcia and Crostino with Extra Virgin Olive Oil as appetizer to get the great aromas of the region in one plate, the Lemon-Flavored Homemade Bottoni Pasta Filled With Potatoes with Raw Shrimp and Their Reduction for a delicate-flavored pasta or the Veloute Soup of Lentils of Castelluccio di Norcia, Crostini and Black Truffles for another dish that highlights the Umbrian specialties. For an interesting meat course, try the Pork Fillet Wrapped in Lard, Pear Poached in Montefalco Rosso DOC wine, and Pecorino Foam.

Ristorante Apollinare

Via Sant'Agata, 14

06049 Spoleto (PG), Italy

Tel: +39 0743 223256

Open for lunch and dinner daily except Tuesdays