Sabino Basso’s Selection of 100% Authentic High Quality Southern Italian Oils

Garnering international awards like the prestigious Pentaward 2018 and the NACD Packaging Award as soon as the project has been born made Sabino Basso's exclusive line of extra virgin olive oils one of the most sought after Italian products in the foreign market. The Oli d'Italia, Sabino Basso Selezioni (Oils of Italy, Sabino Basso Selection) are presented in elegant black bottles with ridges for a better grip. The paper label around it is made with a particular kind of paper that rekindles the texture of the bark of the olive tree.

The Oli d'Italia, Sabino Basso Selezioni line is characterized by an accurate selection of the best oils with IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) and DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) denominations attributed by the European Union to the quality characteristics and geographic origin of food products, from the regions of southern Italy. It is a journey through the most interesting southern Italian regions from the point of view of oil production with specific attention to their quality. The selection is in continuity with what the Basso oil company has been expressing since 1904 with the aim of producing oil capable of combining tradition and modernity. The range of oil products represent the most valuable expressions of single olive cultivar production of Campania, Puglia, Calabria and Sicily.

The Oli d'Italia, Sabino Basso Selezioni line is comprised of 7 labels: DOP Penisola Sorrentino, DOP Terra di Bari Castel del Monte, DOP Cilento, IGP Sicilia, Olio di Calabria IGP, and Monocultivar Ravece, a tribute to Irpinia, the land which gave birth to Olio Basso and Centopercento, 100% Italian oil obtained from a careful selection of oils coming mainly from Puglia and Calabria.

DOP Penisola Sorrentina

Origin: Campania region, Sorrento Peninsula

Variety of the Olives: Minucciola

Organoleptic Pofile: The oil has a straw yellow color and has delicate aromas which is particularly fruity characterized by hints of rosemary, mint and lemon which are typical of the Sorrento Peninsula. The taste is sweet and delicate with light bitterness and spiciness that create harmony with the strong notes of aromatic herbs.

IGP Sicilia

Origin: Sicily region

Varieties of the Olives: Biancolilla and Cerasuola

Organoleptic Pofile: The color is golden yellow with green reflections. The nose is fruity, intense and complex which opens with strong hints of fresh grass and unripe tomato. The taste is sweet and very elegant with tones of fresh grass, unripe tomato and thistle made lively by light spicy notes and a slightly pronounced bitterness.

DOP Terra di Bari Castel del Monte

Origin: Puglia region, Northern territory of Bari, Castel del Monte area

Variety of the Olives: Coratina

Organoleptic Pofile: It has a green color with yellow reflections. It has a lively fruity aroma of green olive with light notes of almond. It has typical intensity but balanced bitter and spicy flavors accompanied by pleasant notes of bitter vegetable and artichoke. This oil is distinguished by the high content of polyphenols, natural antioxidants that are capable of prolonging the shelf-life of the oil.

DOP Cilento

Origin: Campania region, Cilento

Varieties of the Olives: Frantoio, Leccino, Ogliarola
Organoleptic Pofile: The oil is yellow in color with green reflections and has light or medium fruity aromas with notes of green leaves. On the palate, the bitterness and spiciness of medium intensity are accompanied by a pleasant almond aftertaste with light hints of pine nut.

IGP Calabria

Origin: Calabria region

Variety of the Olives: Carolea

Organoleptic Profile: The color is yellow with bright green tones. On the nose it has a medium intensity of fruits with hints of green olives, grass and ripe tomatoes. The taste is enveloping and harmonious with notes of fruit and field herbs enhanced by medium spicy and bitter tones.

Monocultivar Ravece

Origin: Campania region, Territory of Irpinia

Variety of the Olives: Ravece

Organoleptic Profile : The Ravece variety of olives comes almost exclusively from the province of Avellino. The oil is more or less intense green in color. It has aromas of intense and elegant olive fruitiness with clear herbaceous hints and strong notes of green tomatoes. The taste is bitter and spicy, conferred by the high content of polyphenols which are intense but balanced and hints of tomato leaves and artichoke.


Origin : Puglia and Calabria regions

Varieties of the Olives : Coratina, Ogliarola, Carolea

Organoleptic Profile : Obtained from a careful selection of oil coming mainly from Puglia and Calabria. The varieties Coratina, Ogliarola and Carolea are mixed according to very precise proportions in order to obtain an oil with intense and fresh fruitiness. It has a characteristic taste that contains all the typical hints of Southern Italy with a bitter and spicy medium intensity but balanced and persistent, embellished with pleasant vegetable notes.


Sabino Basso

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