Soba Salad with Honey Ginger Soy Sauce

Noodles are quite popular on my kitchen table. When I don't feel like staying in front of the stove (with this heat, how can I?) I go for easy routes (and much cooler!) dishes. If the house occupants are only me and my husband, we would be able to live with fresh salads all summer. But there are my kids too who need attention in what they consider nutritious. If I let them rule in the kitchen (which I did once because I was very late in cooking) they would create their own version of the food pyramid. And we all know what the dominating portion is.

When I say NOODLES at home, I hear HURRAHS! Thank God for that. Life has just become a bit easier with picky-eating kids. Just a little problem came out when my son's orthodontist told me that long pasta (noodles included) like spaghetti would be better if evaded because they can easily get stuck in his braces. But not to be defeated, I started slicing them to shorter and manageable lengths and we are back to noodle love again.

Soba are Japanese buckwheat noodles and they're among the noodles I prefer preparing because they never become soggy and they remain compact. And I just like them doused with sauces based in soy just like this one with a mixture of honey and ginger. It's really simple, so fast to prepare and healthy. If you want another summer recipe with an Asian twist, check out this one.

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