Vegetable Stir-Fry in Oyster Sauce with Shrimp, Quail Eggs & Cashew

If you want to know, I was that little kid who generously gave growth of more white hair to my parents for frustration. I didn't like eating my greens. But wasn't that normal? Or don't we always have one in every family? I was the one in my family because my siblings were all obedient in finishing what were on their plates. I, on the other hand, had to stay much, much longer than everyone else because I was not allowed to leave the table without finishing my vegetables. And my Mom made sure we had a vegetable dish to go with the meat or fish every single meal. Imagine how much white hairs I gave her.

Asian meals are comprised of rice (usually just steamed white rice), main dish of meat or seafood, a vegetable dish to accompany it, all eaten at the same time. To cap it off, there's fruit or dessert. In my Mom's house, it was almost always fruits, and most of the time, they were yellow mangoes. As I grew up, my food preference became better and I started to be more conscientious about health so I didn't stay longer than everyone else on the table. I started eating my greens too. There were some favorites and there were some that I just eat, swallow and immediately drown out with water.

I think I can just count with my fingers what my favorites were and this one was one of them. When I went to college dorm and I had to fend for myself, my Mom would pack a container of this dish, already cooked while i just had to boil the quail eggs and add them along with the cashew nuts after I reheat. I didn't need another meat or fish dish to go with it because this one is already complete.

I never bothered to ask my Mom how she was cooking it until recently, when I remembered the dish, I was at a loss. Jogging my memory, I was able to come up with this, trying my best in understanding the mixture of flavors from almost blurred memories. Whatever was my Mom's recipe remains hers alone and from the beautiful memories of opening that container that she packed for me, I created my own version, probably the same, I can't be so sure anymore. It's a new recipe with a new beginning for my family this time.

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