Nutella Cashew Milkshake

If you can sweat Nutella, then my daughter will, with all the miniscule sandwiches and bananas  smothered with the hazelnut cream that she loves to eat. She's a little (what am I saying? a mega one!) perfectionist that her food served with Nutella have to be under her commands that we have to follow accordingly or she walks out of the kitchen. Imagine that. A four-year old with a perfectionist's perception of how things should be done under militant methods.

To let me work in peace at home once, my husband took the kids for a walk along the port where we live, they stopped by their favorite pizzeria and they also checked out the new yogurteria (yogurt place) beside it. It had everything that a kid cannot refuse. Sprinkles of all shapes and sizes, marshmallows, this and that that surely catches the attention of anyone under one meter who happens to be skipping by, my kids included. With the line-up of delicious-looking display of gelato (made with yogurt), there was only one thing that my daughter asked for. A Nutella granita. She came up to the counter herself, alone, asking for it. She would have also told the person how to do it and how much Nutella and ice to put in it if she knew how. The person was stumped. She did try but my daughter ate her granita quite disappointed.

When I learned about it, I made this milkshake with Nutella and some cashew nuts to balance out the sweetness and to give it a bit of texture. I somehow knew that my daughter will not be so happy with the added cashew nuts so I made her one without. Happy but not the one she had in mind (sigh!) so I need to try again. My husband loved it though! 

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