Salmon and Sun-Dried Tomato Frittata

Both my kids are officially on summer vacation. That means more quality time together with the washing machine and the ear plugs joining in. That also means I can kiss "silence" goodbye for the next two and a half months. That might also mean that our new puppy might consider packing up his suitcase and come back when school commences again in September. He considers himself as one of the kids but when the hugging, tugging and babying gets too much, he runs under the bed for cover or behind my legs for protection.

Ever since we adopted a new puppy from the shelter last month, life has been much more frenetic than our already frenzied lives but with two kids, a garden and finally getting into terms with the loss our old dog, I thought that maybe the time has arrived to give space for a furry family member.

With less time in my hands again, I opt for quick and easy dishes using good ingredients for the kids. They like eggs, salmon and sun-dried tomatoes so this simple frittata was very welcome on our table. This works perfectly with leftover salmon. If the amount is too little for another meal, just mix it in with the frittata and a new delicious dish will pop out.

The recipe of this Salmon and Sun-Dried Tomato Frittata is at Skinny Ms. where I regularly create recipes. It's a site that gives tips and recipes in healthy living.

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