Vegan Avocado Spinach Smoothie

In Italy, avocados are imported and they cost more than the other fruits in the market. So I don't buy them as much as I buy the locally produced fruits but I always have a space for them in the fruit basket. In salads, they are marvelous, when mashed and frozen, they are incredible and as smoothie, they are delicious as well. Its versatility allows me to create as many concoctions as I can with this great fruit.

Because of its greenness, it repels the kids. Still, we are at the "green is healthy stage" especially my 4-year old daughter. My 8-year old is already coming to terms with green food but green drinks is still a matter to ponder on. I don't really blame them because I was as difficult as they are when I was their age. BUT, I didn't see avocados as healthy green enemies when I was young. Instead, I loved eating them in frozen desserts or drinking them in shakes. 

For this occasion, I added another healthy green ingredient, the spinach. The taste is still dominated by the avocado and the smoothie makes a very pleasant healthy breakfast alternative. For people on the run, it's a great on-the-go breakfast! 

You will find the Vegan Avocado Spinach Smoothie recipe at Skinny Ms. where I create recipes regularly. The site is dedicated to fitness and healthy living so do check out what other recipes and tips you can get from there. Enjoy your weekend!

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