21 July 2014

3 Fresh Fruit Summer Cocktails

The temperature is soaring! When I step out of the house and feel myself melting rapidly in the heat, I feel like escaping indoors and not go out anymore until summer finishes. Not unless I am dressed to combat the heat with just a bathing suit on me and lukewarm water waiting for me to dip in. And of course, a nice cold fruity cold alcoholic cocktail to keep me cool. Then I'll stay outdoors willingly.

20 July 2014

Asian-Style Garlicky Spicy Sautèed Shrimp

I was speaking with someone once about how the simplest recipes can be better than their complex counterparts at times. I like both simple and complex methods of cooking but I usually leave the complex ones to the good chefs who can wow me with their creations. This makes dining out a good reason to try out innovative dishes. But most of the time, I look for simple dishes with minimal ingredients. I like it when I identify the ingredients used in the dishes and that is one reason that prods me to cook at home. I like to keep my cooking simple.

19 July 2014

La Francesca Resort in Bonassola, Liguria (Italian Riviera)

Just after the Cinque Terre (Riomaggiore, Manarola, Corniglia, Vernazza and Monterosso al Mare), the rocky and hilly coastline continues on to Levanto then to Bonassola where La Francesca Resort is set amidst the Parco Naturale del Bracco-Mesco, a protected natural woods of Mediterannean maquis and pines. La Francesca covers 15 hectares of land facing the Ligurian Sea and is in the middle of Levanto and Bonassola connected by a 4 km. foot and tunnel path that used to be an old railroad connection between the two towns.

14 July 2014

Risotto with Leeks and Fennel

It may not sound as good as it is in reality, but this risotto has a wonderful combination of subtle flavors of leeks, fennel and Parmigiano Reggiano. It's not the kind that impresses you with explosive tastes at the first taste. It's the kind that impresses you with its lovely flavors as you go from the first to the next ones. It's not highfalutin and complex. It's simple and it's comforting. And it's something that I would like to have at home with my family because it's healthy.

French Fries alla Carbonara (Pecorino and Pancetta French Fries)

When I thought of making these fries, I was amused at the idea. At the same time, I was also excited to try making them. I was quite sure that they will come out very tasty because of the Pecorino and crunchy pancetta. They really tasted great! Baked or fried? I would always choose baked over fried so off they went to the oven until they reached the perfect crunch that I was looking for. I will make these over and over again if I can if only pancetta (or bacon) is healthier. But for the meantime, make a batch and tell me what you think.

13 July 2014

Chocolate Salami

When we take the food from our childhood to adulthood, it has a special attachment to us that brings back beautiful memories with every bite we make. Then if that food goes through another generation who are our kids, it becomes much more special. This chocolate salami was my husband's favorite when he was young. It came from his grandmother to his mother, and now to our kids.

11 July 2014

Baked Polenta-Crusted Chicken Thighs

The kids are becoming harder and harder to please lately with their food. There's a redundancy of dishes that I myself cannot stand. They do eat fish (but only two kinds), always cooked the same way, pasta dishes that I can count with my fingers, veal and well, chicken. I eat chicken but not as much as my kids who prefer it the most among its other meat counterparts.

07 July 2014

Baked Potatoes with Clementine Butter

I've got about six hours more of road time before I arrive in South Tyrol with my family, see the spectacular Dolomite mountains and inhale fresh mountain air. I can't wait. I've been ironing mountains and packing like crazy to get ready for this holiday with my family. And like any pause I make from making recipes, I worked double time the past weeks to clear up my schedule. Now I have a clean timetable to enjoy!

30-Minute Teriyaki Beef Rolls with Green Beans

Presenting Asian meals at home is something important to me because my kids are more biased to Italian cooking. Being divided into two cultures and living in Italy, it's natural that they choose what they are surrounded with. I really don't blame them because Italian cuisine is really very good. BUT, having a grip of their other heritage is also a must to familiarize themselves with.

06 July 2014

Asian Meal: Fried Whole Fish, Adobo Water Spinach and Steamed Rice

There are times when the craving for Asian food is stronger than me. I give in. I always do anyway. Moving away from where I grew up makes the craving even more insistent  because it's one of the remaining strong hooks I have from my past. Life can take me thousands of miles away but Philippine food will remain rooted inside me and I will take it with me everywhere I go. Every single dish has a memory to speak of and when I cook certain dishes, I don't see it as just food but something that's more special because it's a part of me.