Carníca: Gastronomic Luminaries Behind the Pots and Pats in the Via Veneto Kitchen

In the bustling heart of Rome's historic Via Veneto, where the echoes of the Dolce Vita still resonate, a new era of glamor and indulgence has emerged. At the helm of this modern-day sensation is Carnìca, a dynamic fusion of restaurant and nightclub, spearheaded by the renowned television personality Veronica Ursida and her partner, restaurateur Vito Fiusco.

Carnìca is not merely a dining destination, it is also a captivating blend of culinary excellence and vibrant entertainment, where quality cuisine harmonizes with piano bar-style evenings filled with music and revelry. Drawing a diverse crowd of food and nightlife aficionados, Carnìca sets the stage for unforgettable experiences in an atmosphere adorned with rich hues of gold, black, and red, exuding an aura of strength and elegance. 

The Menu

At the heart of Carnìca's culinary philosophy is Vito Fiusco who has dedicated to fusion cuisine, seamlessly blending the essence of Argentina with the flavors of Puglia, while weaving in influences from Japan and Spain, all with a mindful attention to gluten-free options. The menu eschews traditional first courses, instead focusing on the mastery of the charcoal grill, where an array of premium meats awaits. Highlights include Danish, Dutch, Chianina, Sashi or beef ribs, each meticulously crafted to deliver an savory experience. Notably, Carnìca's selection of first-choice Galician meat is presented in a visually stunning manner, with elaborate Japanese rolls enhancing the presentation of the raw meat, served sushi-style. One of Carnìca's standout offerings is its signature beef sushi, boasting ten distinct preparations with their exquisite flavors. Complementing these delights are dishes such as carpaccio with black truffle and tartare paired with a medley of accompaniments, showcasing the restaurant's commitment to culinary innovation and creativity.

For seafood enthusiasts, Carníca offers a delightful array of dishes celebrating the essence of the sea. From the Tuna Roll to the Lobster Roll and Cod in Tempura, each creation showcases the freshest ingredients expertly prepared to create a unique culinary experience. To conclude the meal on a sweet not, Carníca's presents classic desserts such as the Apple Pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or the Brownie with walnuts and ice cream, drizzled with dark chocolate.

In Cucina Con Carníca: An Encounter in the Kitchen With Gastronomic Personalities

In Cucina con Carnica, an innovative culinary format, saw the unveiling of its first episode showcasing two gastronomic personalities of the capital cooking in the kitchen. The inaugural episode which happened on the 20th of February, was met with a resounding success from the dinner guests. The chefs of the night were esteemed gastronomic journalist Sara De Bellis, and the former Masterchef competitor known as "Il Conte," Giuseppe Garozzo Zannini Quirini.

Together, they embarked on a skillfully executed culinary challenge that showcased originality and refinement, capturing the essence of Carníca's culinary climate. The expertise displayed by the two culinary personalities translated seamlessly into an enticing menu, expertly complemented by the wines of Cav. Antonio Malena winery of Cirò in Calabria. The dinner commenced with a refined appetizer of Borbonic Beef Tartare with a Twist by Giuseppe, followed by his second plate, the exquisite Tortiglioni with Wild Duck Ragù. Sara's dish was an outstanding main course of Marche-Style Porchetta Chicken with Orange Puree and Sautéed Chicory. The dinner was concluded with a deconstructed Tiramisu which was crafted by the pastry chef of Carníca.

With the success of the introduction of In Cucina con Carnìca, anticipation builds for future events at Carnìca, promising more fascinating dinners among celebrated participants. There will be new chefs poised to step into the limelight, armed not only with pots and pans, but most importantly, a flair for gastronomic challenge.


Address: Via Vittorio Veneto 11, 00187 Rome, Italy
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