True Lemon: Orange Basil Lemon Water

When I was in the Philippines, I was given by Manila Global Brand a few sachets of True Lemon to try, aside from the Honey Stix. They are crystallized cold pressed lemon that you can use as how you would use real lemons. Living in Italy, lemons can be found everywhere easily and to boot, we have different kinds of lemon trees in our garden. But having some True Lemon sachets on hand, I wanted to try them out because when I happen to find myself without lemons at home, I can use True Lemon instead.

I understand that lemons are not always available everywhere and that even if there are anyway, sometimes, we find ourselves without any stock in the kitchen. So out goes True Lemon to do its work. A good way is to use a sachet in a cup of hot tea like how we usually add lemons. One sachet is equal to one wedge of the fruit.

I tried the True Lemon in a glass of lemon water that I mixed with slices of fresh orange and fresh basil leaves.  Lemon water or lemonade? I could have made lemonade with my sachets but I decided to make something mild that can lightly accentuate the real taste of True Lemon and since I had an orange on hand and thriving plants of basil, my recipe was created within minutes as I put together a glass to enjoy in the morning when you start your day.

For one glass, I used 2 sachets of True Lemon, honey (use whatever kind of sweetener you like), slices of fresh orange (I also added a few slices of lemon) and about 3 fresh basil leaves that  I lightly crushed to give a hints of their flavors without overpowering the lemon.

Don't expect the strong flavors of lemonade because I did not put enough lemons and sweetener in the drink to make you wince from its strength. It's just lemon water that makes you enjoy every single ingredient in the drink, especially water. It's a cleansing drink that you might want to drink in the morning.

True Lemon is procured through a process that encapsulates and fuses together the tangy juices and zesty oils of whole lemons to provide freshly-squeezed lemon taste. There are four components that are blended together to form the perfect balance of flavor and aroma. These four are the lemon oil from the rind, lemon oil from the pith, lemon juice from the flesh and citric acid & vitamin C that give the lemons the tartness.

You can do so many things with True Lemon like how you would with fresh lemon juice. I still have some sachets in the pantry that I am keeping for the times when I don't have lemons in the kitchen.

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