Lemon Basil Bars

If you love lemons, then you are in my circle of citrus-loving friends. We are bound by one great aromatic, yellow thing in the kitchen. Lemon is one of my favorite ingredients to use in the kitchen because not only can I cook with them but I can also use them as natural deodorizers in the dishwasher, make pitchers of juice, liqueurs, sorbets, use them in dipping sauces addictively and of course, bake with them. I can go on how beautiful and delicious lemons are but I will just stick to these Lemon Basil Bars.

I am very biased with lemons especially when we are speaking about cakes and sweets.  And lemon bars always tops my choice because of how the sour and sweet flavors fight in one bite. It's a classic cake that any lemon-lover would be very delighted with. It has a soft, tangy upper part that shouts lemons that is combined with a buttery shortbread crust on the lower part that is literally showered with icing sugar. It's lemon heaven!

I love the classic lemon bars but sometimes, I like to add a surprise ingredient which is fresh basil. When lemons are bountiful, basil goes along with it. It is another wonderful ingredient that I love mixing with lemons. Basil blends perfectly well with lemons with these Lemon Basil Bars and you can recall the true flavors of summer in one bite. Let me share with you my favorite lemon bar recipe. It's sweet, sour and aromatic with a little kick of basil. 

Check out this Lemon Basil Bar recipe I created for She Knows and discover the flavors I am speaking about before summer truly disappears on us. Pack your last basil leaves in this delicious recipe. If you like this recipe, check out my Profile Page there for more recipes. Buon appetito!

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