Strawberry Sunshine Smoothie

Summer has officially ended but not just yet in my kitchen. If there is anything else that can make anyone in the house rise and shine in the morning with anticipation, this has got to be it. The vivid red and yellow mirror the beautiful colors of a summer sunrise and it's just the right breakfast to have to brighten your morning. But it doesn't stop there because this smoothie is fully loaded with vitamins and minerals because it has three kinds of fruits in it plus almond milk. Strawberries, mangoes and oranges give a full dose of Vitamin C, antioxidants and fibers that our bodies need plus some protein from the almond milk.

Making this drink is like making any other smoothie. You will just need about 20 minutes of waiting time to put the glass with the first layer in the freezer so that the layers will separate. Use fresh or frozen fruits but frozen is more advisable because they come out thicker and easier to separate. Using fresh fruits just needs a few minutes more in the freezer to settle.

You can get this Strawberry Sunrise Smoothie recipe in Skinny Ms., a health-dedicated site where I create recipes. Until the next recipe, meantime, have a great week!

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