Quinoa and Veggie Sliders

When you want those mouthwatering sliders but absolutely cannot, there is a perfect solution for a very healthy vegetarian or vegan bite. Instead of the meat patties, make them with mashed chickpeas and quinoa then accompany them with grilled veggies. Flavoring them with balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil makes them tasty as you want them but still retaining the healthy side of it. 

I am not vegan nor vegetarian but I like to skip the meat sometimes too. Even without the meat, these sliders can carry the flavors together quite well because for one, grilled vegetables take out delicious tastes that no other kind of cooking can and balsamic vinegar lifts the tastes a tad more. Because they are small, it is tempting to keep on popping them in the mouth. You can stop at number 3 or 4 please even if I think your body won't complain because after all, quinoa is rich in nutrients especially antioxidants, fibers and protein while chickpeas are also rich in fibers, protein, manganese and iron. When you mix them with grilled vegetables and whole grain buns, you make these healthy sliders even much better.

You can get this Quinoa and Veggie Slider recipe at Skinny Ms., a great site where you can get all things healthy and where I create recipes. Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

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