Quinoa Chicken Nuggets

My kids would always think of me as a very bad navigator in the commercial areas because I keep on losing my way around. Little do they know that I actually do it on purpose so I can circumvent fast food chains. But don't get me wrong. My kids do eat burgers, fries and chicken nuggets in fast food chains. What's the happiness of childhood without them anyway? I just try control the frequency of our trips there and most especially, I am trying to educate them in knowing what they are eating.

I find education as the best tool in having a better relationship between them and the food they are eating. Awareness of knowing how their bodies work with the food they eat makes them understand that good, healthy food should be the ones that give them the proper nutrition to grow well, not the junk food that they are so attracted to like most kids their age. I keep the junkies as prize for them instead and the balance I try to maintain at home works perfectly well.

Because they love chicken nuggets so much, I focus more in giving them a healthier copy. I already made them some Healthy Baked Pasta-Crusted Chicken Nuggets so now I made some nuggets coated with quinoa. I cubed the lean part of the chicken, coated them with quinoa, drizzled extra virgin olive oil then I baked them in the oven. And then I crossed my fingers that they would like them enough to skip a trip to their favorite fast food place. They loved the nuggets and we already skipped a couple of trips to the fast food place for the favorite fried version. The fried version will always be a winner in taste but at least I have a copy that I can make for them too.

To get the Quinoa Chicken Nuggets recipe, you can get it at Skinny Ms., a health site where I create recipes. Enjoy your weekend!

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