Nature's Kick Honey Stix: 100% Healthy Honey Snacks for Your Kids

Honey Stix has everything that kids (and maybe adults too!) would get crazy about. I won't deny the fact that I did have a straw dangling in my mouth while I was photographing them. I am a kid at heart and I couldn't resist popping one in my mouth because I had to keep on looking at them through my lens. It's not easy, believe me, reading all the flavors in front of me. Then my daughter was hovering around like a bee asking me continuously if she can already have one.

The colors of Honey Stix are attractive plus they are in straws and the flavors are great. They are just like how kids imagine their ideal candies to be. I did observe my kids' eyes grow wide and bright with excitement when they pulled out the straws from their boxes. When they were told that they were flavored honey, with flavors that they couldn't imagine their honeys to have, the straws started to pop in their mouths fast. As a parent, I am not worried because these are not regular candies that hurt my kids' health because they are made of 100% honey with both natural and artificial flavors. Honey is one of the healthiest food that you can give your kids. I have to put up with years of fighting with candies crossing the paths of my kids so the Honey Stix is a great welcome for once.

My kids, especially my older son, is a serious honey lover. The only spread that he slathers on his toast is honey and he loves using it as a sweetener to his tea. Having the flavored honey of Honey Stix is a big treat for him because he can choose the flavors he wants. We also started to take them with us while hiking in the mountains and going to the beach. They are lightweight and they provide the right energy and nutrients to the kids. And you know what? They are also good for soothing irritated throats, because after all, having a spoonful of honey before sleeping helps subdue the coughing.

Honey Stix are widely available in the U.S. and also in the Philippines, which is exclusively distributed by Manila Global Brand. They also have another product called True Lemon, which I will be discussing in another post. As far as I know, Honey Stix are not available yet in Italy. My kids and I were given a big batch with all the 19 flavors to try while we were vacationing in the Philippines. My opinions expressed here are my own. From a parent myself to parents like you, I think Honey Stix is a great healthy alternative to candies for our kids. 

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