Chocolate Avocado Pops

Little picky-eaters, beware! Your parents have a secret weapon to put some nutritious food in your bodies! Yes we do, with these Chocolate Avocado Pops loaded with fresh bananas, avocados and almond milk. The chocolate that you see is actually bananas in disguise. Don't worry, the kids won't notice it unless you tell or leave the banana peel lying around of course. My youngest is crazy about anything chocolate and when these were ready for eating, she was right beside me to claim her share. I gave her one and I carefully watched her reaction.

She was enjoying the chocolate part very much and I can commend the bananas for doing a great job in covering up. However, I couldn't do anything much about the avocado part because it smells, looks and tastes like avocado. If you are an avocado lover instead (which I am), you will love this. With just 4 ingredients and some freezing time, you will have some seriously healthy and delicious ice pops at home. Both avocados and bananas are very rich in vitamins and minerals plus avocados have zero cholesterol while bananas are rich in potassium and fibers. 

You can get the Chocolate Avocado Pops recipe at She Knows, a site where I create recipes. If you liked this one, check out my other recipes at my Profile Page there. Enjoy!

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